The Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council (RRAC) is a non profit  volunteer based organisation that provides a diverse and adventurous artistic program of events throughout the Ravensthorpe region. In January 2013 the group appointed a paid part time Coordinator to help with administrative duties and allow volunteers to focus on project delivery.  Annual funding is currently received from the Shire of Ravensthorpe and Country Arts WA.

Each year RRAC hosts various art activities, events and workshops to meet the artistic needs of the community; to develop audiences and participants, encouraging the use of arts to build community cohesion and identity.

RRAC is currently one of only 2 'Key' Country Arts WA organisations in WA. With the reputation of hosting high quality events and providing art opportunities to the community, it continues as a strong organisation, growing with the changing needs of the Ravensthorpe region. 

RRAC seeks to build partnerships with local businesses, community groups, government and individuals in order to further develop art in the wider region.
RRAC provides a positive economic stimulus to the region with grants, sponsorships and partnerships bringing in external money to the area. This positive economic impact on the region builds upon the services of local businesses, community members and local government; raising the profile of the Shire of Ravensthorpe for all stakeholders.

Current 2017 committee members are;
A Foulds (Chairperson)
J Chambers (Vice Chairperson)
D Belli (Treasurer)
F O'Brien (Secretary)
K Duffy (Coordinator)
J Edwards (Project Officer)
R Goldfinch (Life Member)
M Norman (Life Member)
R Hillier
J Biddulph
K Wilson
E Spengler

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