Saturday, February 11, 2017

Fringe World Hopetoun

Circus Acro with Bits and Pieces

Gathering together at the Hopetoun Community Centre for Fringe World, audience members were anticipating a show of acrobatics and laughter. Boy oh boy, did they get what they paid for! Beginning with casual chatter and mingling in the hall as audience members chose tables, ticket holders were able to view the stage set and see the Poncho Circus acrobats warm up for the show. The acrobats finalised their serious looking warm up and proceeded with cheekiness to “clean up” the audience. This was the first antic of Cheek-y (excuse the pun) that ticket holders would experience!

The main act of the night was titled “Hardly Working” and set in an office environment. You know the drill, phone ringing, boss nagging. Some may refer to their bosses as muppets, but in this case the boss was an actual muppet demanding undoable tasks! The circus duo decided it was time to cast responsibility aside as books became juggling objects, and phantom telephones rang. Their day became a box juggling, stapler shooting performance of ridiculous slapstick comedy.


Not only were the crew of Poncho Circus great acrobats, their acting and improvisation left the audience feeling very engaged. One lovely lady in particular was given some comedic heartfelt interaction which the crowd found very amusing.

During the interval, whilst wiping tears of laughter out of their eyes, folks refuelled with Ayu’s yummy Indonesian Cuisine and visited the friendly and hard-working (hardly working?) RRAC Bar Volunteers. Poncho Circus prepared for the show finale.

The final act saw audience members socked, err, shocked into amusement and laughter. All in fun, the 3 acrobats entertained over 100 people with their “Adult Show antics”. A brief accidental moment was particularly funny and featured as a talking point after the show. Some were sure it was accidentally-on-purpose.

When the show concluded, some stayed for social mingling and the Poncho Circus crew chatted amongst the crowd who were completely a buzz from the show.

Thanks to Lotterywest, a bus service was provided to ferry Ravensthorpe patrons to the Hopetoun Fringe World show. Thank you to those who supported the bus service. Thankyou also to the 12 volunteers who helped during the day and night making the event possible.

RRAC’s next event will be held at the Ravensthorpe Hall Saturday 18th February. Bossa Nova Baby, a Brazilian Concert featuring singer Julian Areias and her band.  

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