Tuesday, September 27, 2016

FORM Photography Workshop

With visiting artist David Collins

Tying in with our wildflower season, David Charles Collins Photographer and Andrew Nicholls FORM Senior Curator were visiting the Shire of Ravensthorpe to work on an exhibition featuring botanical photography. Lucky for us they offered to host a free photography workshop during their visit, featuring the use of different light techniques on Friday 16th September.

Originally a painter and sculptor, the very talented David Collins has an eye for the unusual and inspires you to challenge yourself and the way you think about your craft. His images are bold, theatrical, voyeuristic, and not for the faint hearted. Very inspiring.

Six people attended the workshop with various types of cameras. David talked us through how to make the most of the hardware that you have, and that it is ok to improvise. Working with tripods (a challenge on its own!), the lights were dimmed and the tech talk began. David explained that the camera works like your eyes in light and dark, and that you shouldn't be afraid to experiment with settings and props. Images were shot under spot lights, we looked at shadows, how light creates mood, black and white images, and how to work on accomplishing clear images in low light.

David's relaxed but thorough teaching techniques put the group at ease, and made it easy to ask questions. With a mixture of beginner and professional photographers attending, I think its pretty safe to say that everyone learned something. A very enjoyable morning. I just hope I wasn't the only one who came home with a few completely, err, black images. Practice makes perfect?

David and Andrew were a pleasure to deal with. A very professional duo, and a credit to FORM. During their visit to the Hopetoun and Ravensthorpe region David and Andrew hoped to capture some botanical beauty that will feature in an up and coming photography exhibition to be held in Perth. Watch this space, as it seems FORM are determined increase the status of Hopetoun & Ravensthorpe!

Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council receives core funding from Country Arts WA, which receives funding from the State Government through the Department of Culture and the Arts and Lotterywest.

Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council Inc. receives funding from the Shire of Ravensthorpe.

Photo credits, Kirsty Duffy.

A Visit from Country Arts WA

Local Arts Funding Sessions

Well strike me roan, Country Arts WA (CAWA) were locked in to visit us! After some initial nerves had settled (these guys are one of our most valued funding bodies), we were very excited that Doone McAlary Regional Arts Development Coordinator, and Tegan Morey Regional Arts Development Officer were coming to deliver two Arts Funding Sessions.

We were excited because CAWA is important to us, we were excited because we had the chance to showcase our area and our latest project and exhibition, and we were excited because we had the chance to introduce fellow community members to CAWA. This was a great opportunity.

Two Arts Funding Sessions were offered. One in Hopetoun on Tuesday 13th September, and the other in Ravensthorpe Wednesday 14th September. It was a wonderful gesture to offer the two workshops because even though the two towns are only 50 kms from each other, after work, school drop offs and pickups, and shopping it makes for a busy week if much travel is involved.

The CAWA ladies talked us through funding and grant opportunities, with plenty of time for questions and comments. It can be a mine field when you are working through project funding, so it was nice that Doone and Tegan's delivery of information was relaxed yet on point. For those who were not familiar with CAWA, it was also a nice insight into their work in regional WA.
During their stay in Ravensthorpe, we invited Doone and Teagan to act as impartial judges to determine the winners of our Rags to Riches Exhibition. It was a hard task, but they were up for the challenge.

We thank participants for joining us in attending the Country Arts WA Arts Funding Sessions, and look forward to continuing community cohesion through the arts and culture.