Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Rags to Riches, a Rag Art Project.

Everyone has a story to tell.

Rags to Riches is a rag art project with heart. Everyone has a story to tell, a pillowslip, a baby blanket or a hat tucked away in the cupboard with special memories. The time has come to drag your memories out of storage and create an artistic piece. Originally a concept by Sue Leighton, Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council is going to give you a little nudge, in the form of a bundle of rags, to get the inspirational juices flowing.

 With a prize pool of over $1,700, now is a good time to start sewing, tearing, twisting, cutting, and embellishing. Don’t think that your merry road to creation needs to be paved from Rags only, you are free as a bird to add wood, metal, straw, plastic, anything your heart desires. For judging purposes there will be two categories; Rag Fashion and Rag Passion, and there are a limited number of mannequins up for grabs to display wearable art pieces.

The choices are endless. You can make anything.
A rag rug, a tablecloth, a kite, some cushions, or a quilt. You could refurbish an old chair with a cushioned seat, make a
handbag from an old pair of jeans, or even a scarecrow, as long as you include a rag from your bundle. There are some very talented community members amongst us, so who knows what the end results will bring?

Thank you to those who have come on to support the project, WFIs Darrell Panizza, and Kyle Forsyth and his team at Landmark Ravensthorpe. We are hoping for a few entries from the blokes too, so get out your staple gun, grab a bundle of rags from the Hopetoun Community Resource Centre or Landmark in Ravensthorpe, and get cracking on your project. The project entries will be exhibited throughout the Ravensthorpe Wildflower show which will run from 13th to the 24th of September 2016.
For more information, contact RRAC Coordinator Kirsty Duffy on 0438 945 405, or rraccoordinator@westnet.com.au .

Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council receives core funding from Country Arts WA, which receives funding from the State Government through the Department of Culture and the Arts and Lotterywest.

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