Saturday, June 4, 2016

A Trashy Evening

If ever a Wheelie Bin looked appealing, it was on Friday 27th May at the Hopetoun Community Centre Hall. If you've ever thought that a Wheelie Bin could be entertaining (legally), then your not alone. If you bought a ticket to the Trash Test Dummies expecting a good laugh, then by Jingo you got what you paid for!
Before the show had even begun, the rascally Trashy Trio had snuck out to pester our good standing citizens in the foyer! Their highly animated antics continued into the seated audience, climbing over and weaving though children and adults alike. No one was safe from their cheeky behaviour, not even our local Police Sargent!

Simon Wright, Isaac Salter, and Jamie Bretman aka The Trash Test Dummies, were very entertaining. Through a mixture of circus, acrobatics, and character play, the Trash Test Dummies led the audience with intrigue into a world of slapstick comedy. Their very interactive show was clearly popular with the children who needed little encouragement to join in with ball throwing, and verbal support.
After much acrobatic activity and wiggling of the derriere, the dextrose Dummies performed a gentlemanly hat routine, at a much preferred pace for some audience members.

Not to let comedy get in the way too much, they showed off their skills in so many different ways it was hard to keep up. From slow motion fluid body movements, to trio juggling whilst drumming (of course, whilst drumming). It was obvious that the skills that attributed the Trash Test Dummies were gained from years of dedication and training. We laughed, we sat in awe, and we cringed. An absolute spectacle for all ages.

The mood was high as the Trash Test Dummies mingled with the audience after the show. Delicious take away dinners were whisked off home (Thank you Hopetoun Primary P&C) with happy kids in tow. Who can't wait to see what the Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council has in store next...?

Photography by Dene Bingham.
Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council receives core funding from Country Arts WA; who receives core funding through the State Government through the Department of Culture and the Arts in association with Lotterywest.

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