Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Everything Must Go

Oh what a night! Rabbit fur bonnets, cat taxidermy and homemade rabbit kidney mobiles, sounds grim doesn't it? On the contrary. Rachael Learys' charismatic character Nancy Browne was heart warming and funny to say the least! Everything Must Go, touring across WA, and landing at the Jerdacuttup Hall on Wednesday 9th March, was set in the garage sale of Nancys' Tasmanian farmhouse, and explored the changing nature of rural society.
A lovely evening of bus mini adventures, catching up with friends, and a gorgeous sunset over bushland and salt lakes was enjoyed by almost 70 audience members. The Jerdacuttup Community Association provided a lovely supper and ran a licenced bar which added to the relaxed atmosphere of the evening.
Writer and Performer Rachael Leary enjoyed the friendliness of our community during the show (she especially liked receiving coaching tips!) and after the show as she mingled with the audience. Her comments; "Was a cracking night", and "Best game of 'Harold in the Bucket' ever". Thanks Rachael, we think our community is wonderful too!
We thank the local community for supporting the Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council and coming along to the show, we hope everyone had a great night out! We also send a heartfelt thank you the volunteers that enable these events to bring our community together.
Lamington anyone?
A little wizzer?
Did I just pay $50 for that??

Meditating to the relaxing sounds of the farm.
Rabbit skin bonnets becoming all the rage in fashion... I'm sure!?