Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hopetoun Primary School Mural Project

Earlier this year, the Hopetoun Primary School P&C Association developed a project plan to have a mural painted at the school and last week the project was completed. The Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council came on board to support the project and encourage participation from the whole school community.

Jerome Davenport (www.blankwalls.com.au) was commissioned to paint the mural and the design was based on the students own drawings as well as the school motto “Hope By The Sea”. Jerome is a young visual artist based in Perth who completes most of his work using aerosol spray paints.

Jerome also painted the concrete tunnel in the school’s nature playground using the younger students hand prints to decorate the inside of the tunnel. As well as that, Jerome conducted street art workshops with the year 4, 5 & 6 students who enjoyed designing and painting their own skateboard deck.

Over the 3 days that Jerome and his assistant Ben were at Hopetoun Primary School, the students, staff and parents were in awe of watching such talent at work. Jerome commented “A big thank you to everyone involved who made it happen, it's projects like these that make my job so enjoyable and the children get the opportunity to create and see the possibilities of where art can take them. I hope what I do gives young kids the inspiration to be who they want to be and do whatever makes them happy, nothing is more free than a child's mind”

Well done to our P&C project coordinator, Jackie Edwards, who did an amazing job of keeping things organised and on track. Jackie said “Jerome had never been to Hopetoun before. He enjoyed his stay and visiting the National Park which also helped add to his design elements”.

The project was proudly supported by Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council, Shire of Ravensthorpe Youth Network Focus, Hopetoun IGA and Hopetoun CWA. FQM also assisted by providing accommodation for Jerome during his stay. Many thanks to all of our supporters and sponsors. We are very proud to have achieved such an amazing project for our school and community.

Photos courtesy of Dene Bingham Photography.

Shakira Bratten, Jordan Bingham and Mitch Jones of Hopetoun Primary School.
Hopetoun Primary School kids watching on.
Mural in progress...


Nature Playground Tunnel.

Inside of Nature Playground Tunnel. 

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