Monday, September 21, 2015

Another Awesome Art Exhibition!

This year the annual art exhibition run by the Ravensthorpe District Art Group in the tiny little Dunnart Gallery was once again full of quality local art. We had 33 entries by 14 artists. The exhibition ran throughout the Wildflower Show as usual and received almost 500 visitors during that time. It was especially nice to have two school groups come through and view the works.

The awards night was held on Friday 11th September and, although attendance was down this year it was still a great night. Guest Judge, Sue Leighton had been up earlier in the week to judge the entries; no mean feat since everything was of a very high standard. Sue, who was not able to see the artists’ names during the judging, spent a couple of hours deliberating which works deserved to be awarded. Shire CEO Ian Fitzgerald however, did not take long to find a favourite for the annual Shire Acquisition Award!

Congratulations to Siska Gutteridge for winning the Shire Acquisition Award with her oil painting “Cocanarup”. The new B4TV category sponsored by Kerry and Ian Dickinsen was won by Mel Daw with her acrylic painting “Please Don’t Put ‘im in the Pot Nan!” and the Young Achiever Award was won by Cassidy Chambers with her acrylic painting “Raider and Traveller”.

Other winners were Colin Hughes for 3D sculpture with “A Light Snack”, Lynnell Belli for Mixed Media with “Faith”; Nola Peterson for Painting with the gorgeous “Blossom Surprise”, Elfie Venter won Textiles with her “Flowers” embroidery and Sarah McKie won the drawing category with her pastel “Keeping Watch”. This year we only had 3 children’s entries so they were all awarded a prize for their efforts; Judge Sue was very impressed by the upcoming talents! Congratulations to Seth Francis, Harmony Daw and Amberley Daw (your Art teacher is also very impressed by the way).

On the completion of the exhibition last weekend we can announce with pleasure that Iris Munro is the lucky winner of this year’s beautiful quilt raffle, once again donated by our very own talented Mrs Judy Harp. The winner of the popular vote was, for the very first time a children’s entrant and by quite a few votes was Harmony Daw for her 3D “Dragon”. Other most popular artworks were Siska’s “Cocanarup” and Cassidy’s “Raider and Traveller”.

The Ravensthorpe District Art Group would like to thank everyone who supported the exhibition this year and particularly those who volunteered to open the gallery when we could not; due to a number of reasons we were down to a skeleton crew of 3, so we very much needed and appreciate your help!

Save the date of Friday night 23rd October to come along to the Dunnart Gallery to “Meet the Mannequins” of the Wearable Art Project and have your say about 2016 at the gallery. We hope to see you there; meanwhile stay tuned for more details and if you have a query about Art Group, please call Mel on 0427 381 530.
"Cocanarup" by Siska Gutteridge
"Dragon" by Harmony Daw
Harmony and Amberley open their prizes
Iris is wrapped in her new quilt!
Art Group Secretary Jen Chambers presents Mel Daw, long term member, with a gift as she is leaving the district at the end of the year.
Kerry Dickinsen congratulates Mel daw for winning the B4TV category
Guests at the opening; Anne Williams and Helen Burton.
Siska receives her Shire Award from CEO Ian Fitzgerald

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