Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Lost WW1 Diary and Welsh Whales in Jerdacuttup

Despite half the Shire involved in sporting Grand Finals, Saturday 29th August saw the Jerdacuttup hall filled to almost capacity with tables of eager audience there to see the talented Damian Callinan perform the Lost WW1 Diary, a one man show created and performed by Callinan, and directed by Tim Overton.  They were not disappointed!

The Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council (RRAC) presented this touring Country Arts WA and Act-Belong-Commit show in collaboration with the Jerdacuttup Community Association; responsible for setting up and catering for the night.

The hall was decked out superbly in camouflaged themed table cloths, camouflage nets, saddles, oils slicks and even a beautiful old rocking horse (although not so tiny and no emu feather in sight; it fitted the theme of the night beautifully!) The JCA also provided delicious gourmet platters to be enjoyed as well as running the bar prior to the show and a spread of deadly cake and slices for supper.

Damian took everyone on a journey of hilarity and tears as he acted out the diary of digger “Paddy Callinan” through his adventures, and misadventures of the First WW. We met delightful larrikins and laughed at their antics and broke our hearts at their losses. Playful banter with the audience peppered the story -who knew that our own “Ken Nomiddlename Norman” himself was part of the seventh? We won’t say why he was sent home in disgrace…Or that we had a fine pair of twin Welsh whales residing in Jerdacuttup? Callinan switched from character to character in the blink of an eye and portrayed each hilarious scene with limited props and amazing realism. He also demonstrated a fantastic memory and a bit of prior homework by injecting some local history and activity into the storyline.

Thank you to the volunteers of both the Ravensthorpe Regionals Arts Council and Jerdacuttup Community Association for working hard to make this a night to remember, to bus drivers Kerry and Ian Dickinsen for filling in last minute and our usual driver Robert Bawden for taking everyone out to the hall and getting them home safely. The RRAC would not be able to provide free buses for events without the funding from Lotterywest WA. As our last show of the year, RRAC would also like to thank the ongoing support of the Shire of Ravensthorpe, Country Arts WA and the Department of Culture and the Arts; without whom we would not be able to provide our community with such a diverse annual artistic program.

Platters by JCA were delicious!

...busy in the kitchen... emu feathers here; and it's not so tiny either

Ross Beckett, Chairperson of the Country Arts WA Board of Directors, brought his family along...all the way from Esperance!

Tour Manager, Therese Mavros, introduces the show.


After the show, Damian mingles with the audience as we all enjoy some supper.


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