Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council PD Weekend

A sense of belonging and community cohesion through the arts and culture as an integral part of everyday life in our region.

On the weekend of March 14/15, a group of 6 RRAC committee members took themselves off to Albany in the hope of finding peace and quiet to revaluate and reassess their vision.

We stayed at the centrally located Mary Thompson House, part of the Vancouver Arts Centre.  Arriving Friday night amid the chaos of the VAC’s first No Lights, No Lycra event proved somewhat challenging to find parking and unload, but with a bit of car shuffling we were soon all sorted and sitting down to dinner and a meeting.

After a late first night (we get excited when discussing future plans and possibilities) we began early the next morning with a Strategic Planning Session with the excellent facilitator Liz Jack from the Denmark Chamber of Commerce.  It was tough going; Liz was not easy on us and had high expectations…but her experience in business planning and the arts sector was a huge opportunity for us to gain a clear picture about who we are as an organisation and where we are going. 

Among some of the main points that came out of the session was that RRAC has an excellent opportunity to be leaders in the role of alleviating or addressing social issues within the arts, that we desire greater inclusivity across all profiles of our community, that we want to strengthen current partnerships with other groups, businesses and organisations and that we need to do more meaningful community consultation in developing our programs.

After an exhausting but productive day we decided to reward ourselves with a nice dinner out, and took along Amber Perryman (past RRAC   committee member and now manages the VAC) to catch up on all the Albany news. 

The next morning, after another late night out, cocktails and intermittent smoke alarms going off in the night (picture mature women in PJ’s running around at 3am to try and work out which alarm was the culprit and accusing each other of secret cigarette smoking in the hall) it was a more subdued group- some more subdued than others- that tackled a session on Social Media skills and reviewing a bunch of policy drafts.

It was, all in all, an extremely productive and fun filled weekend; now comes the hard part in applying all those decisions and producing those outcomes!

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Friday Night's Meeting

Saturday's Strategic Planning with Liz Jack.

A pity there was no time to admire the view from the deck.

...and Liz pulls out the big guns; hundreds of sticky notes to capture our thoughts!
We still managed to make some new friends on the way home!
Some of us really bonded!


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