Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fringeworld Kids Comedy Gala

Last Sunday afternoon, February 8th, was a warm one.  But it didn't stop a crowd of just over 100 folk from coming along to the Fringeworld Kids Comedy Gala at the Ravensthorpe Town Hall!
The event was a first for the RRAC and came about after meeting Caitlin from Fringeworld at the Arts and Edges Summit in Kalgoorlie last October.  Despite half the RRAC committee being away on holiday, school just going back and having no sound or lighting equipment that we could use...we decided to push on and present the show anyway!
Caitlin and the team at Fringeworld were extremely helpful, as was Tim Currie and his crew at the Esperance Civic Centre who kindly allowed us to use his expertise and some gear to get the show happening (thanks Ross Beckett!).  So between all of us, and a few volunteers over the weekend to set up lights and sound...the show did go on!
And what a show it was!  Hosted by comedian Bert Goldsmith and kicking off with the talented Will Pickvance (straight out from the UK and sweating slightly!) performing his show "Anatomy of the Piano" before ending in a flurry of acrobatics, hats and lots of plastic balls with the hilarious Trash Test Dummies.
Enjoy these photos from the show!
Bert covers the front row in confetti before running through the basics of applauding and hooting like a monkey.

Will's piano playing was mesmerising, funny and poignant...like a Leunig for the ears!

It was a great turn out considering the sweltering temperatures...the hall actually remained cooler than outside for the duration of the show!

After taking Will's milk crate stool to collect confetti in, Bert replaces it with another so that he didn't have to keep sitting on the floor whilst he played.

Will dissects the piano and we get to see how it works!

A quick scene change and the kids get to inspect the insides of the piano themselves.

The Trash Test Dummies hit the stage with lots of noise before settling into some ballet. 

Suddenly there was smoke...and...?

The acrobatics began!

Two of the Trash Test Dummies took to hiding in the crowd as the third became cross with them and went on a rampage with a big rubbish bag!

Nope, cant seem me here!

The poor Fringeworld technician cops it!

Back on stage!

Suddenly the bag bursts open and hundreds of plastic balls hit the stage and bounce into the audience!

Bert and the kids start throwing balls back at the trio!

Balls are flying everywhere!

...it took a bit of persuading to get the kids to sit down again...

Just in time for some hat tricks.

All the kids then came up on stage to help pick up the balls.

Thanks Fringeworld!

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