Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New mural at Ravensthorpe District High School

Ravensthorpe District High School was fortunate to have a large mural recently painted by up and coming Perth based aerosol artist, Jerome Davenport.

Jerome and his assistant, Ben, were visiting the Shire to complete a mural and workshop at Hopetoun Primary School, organised earlier in the year by the Hopetoun P&C Association and the Ravensthorpe regional Arts Council. Initially, the Ravensthorpe mural was not possible due to other plans for the wall in question; but when those plans fell through suddenly we were lucky to secure Jerome at short notice. The wildflower design was put together using photographs taken by the secondary photography students.

It was an amazing opportunity for the students and staff at the school to be able to watch Jerome and Ben in action; we were all awed by their talent with a spray can and at how quickly the mural came together over the day. Unfortunately all the Cadet students were on a hiking and abseiling adventure that same day, but a few who were collected later in the afternoon from the bus at school were also able to watch the artists working.

Many thanks to the Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council, the Ravensthorpe DHS P&C Association and the Ravensthorpe District Art Group for supporting this project at such short notice; your financial assistance is very much appreciated.

Jerome has completed many murals throughout Perth as well as other regional towns such as Wickepin and Busselton. Even whilst working on our project he was taking calls from another Shire keen to have him! This will be a great talking point for years to come for our school and an experience that the students will never forget.

I apologise in advance to all those parents who now face spray can wielding children at home!
By Mel Daw.

Finished mural! Photo courtesy of Dene Bingham Photography.

Hopetoun Primary School Mural Project

Earlier this year, the Hopetoun Primary School P&C Association developed a project plan to have a mural painted at the school and last week the project was completed. The Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council came on board to support the project and encourage participation from the whole school community.

Jerome Davenport (www.blankwalls.com.au) was commissioned to paint the mural and the design was based on the students own drawings as well as the school motto “Hope By The Sea”. Jerome is a young visual artist based in Perth who completes most of his work using aerosol spray paints.

Jerome also painted the concrete tunnel in the school’s nature playground using the younger students hand prints to decorate the inside of the tunnel. As well as that, Jerome conducted street art workshops with the year 4, 5 & 6 students who enjoyed designing and painting their own skateboard deck.

Over the 3 days that Jerome and his assistant Ben were at Hopetoun Primary School, the students, staff and parents were in awe of watching such talent at work. Jerome commented “A big thank you to everyone involved who made it happen, it's projects like these that make my job so enjoyable and the children get the opportunity to create and see the possibilities of where art can take them. I hope what I do gives young kids the inspiration to be who they want to be and do whatever makes them happy, nothing is more free than a child's mind”

Well done to our P&C project coordinator, Jackie Edwards, who did an amazing job of keeping things organised and on track. Jackie said “Jerome had never been to Hopetoun before. He enjoyed his stay and visiting the National Park which also helped add to his design elements”.

The project was proudly supported by Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council, Shire of Ravensthorpe Youth Network Focus, Hopetoun IGA and Hopetoun CWA. FQM also assisted by providing accommodation for Jerome during his stay. Many thanks to all of our supporters and sponsors. We are very proud to have achieved such an amazing project for our school and community.

Photos courtesy of Dene Bingham Photography.

Shakira Bratten, Jordan Bingham and Mitch Jones of Hopetoun Primary School.
Hopetoun Primary School kids watching on.
Mural in progress...


Nature Playground Tunnel.

Inside of Nature Playground Tunnel. 

Hopetoun Ravensthorpe Heritage Trail Wildflower Walk

On the 20th September a group of 23 people participated in the inaugural Wildflower walk along part of the historic section Desmond to Kundip railway line. Guide Sue Leighton said attendees came from all walks of life with international, interstate and intrastate visitors enjoying the 7klm walk. One participant came from New Zealand (a keen hobby botanist)
thoroughly enjoyed the walk and continued onto another section of the trail after the official trek was completed. He vows to return with his wife next year. Others came from Bremer Bay, Busselton, Bunbury, Esperance, Perth and our locals many of whom were surprised at how beautiful the walk is. One person commented that it is a hidden treasure and now knows what lies beyond the road between Ravensthorpe and Hopetoun.

Before the trek began we all had to scrub our boots down to help prevent the spread of diseases such as dieback thanks to Jessica Wright from R.A.I.N who gave us a talk on the importance of preventing the spread of soil borne diseases weed seeds and such.

Jessica also spoke on how important it is to maintain our section of the coastal corridor from Hopetoun to Munglinup, and ensuring it remains a biodiversity hotspot.

With the weather perfect and wildflowers in abundance we all set out from the old gravel pit where there is a good view of the historic mine sites in the distance and remnants of mine infrastructure. We walked about 2 Kim to reach the trail and were amazed at wildflowers in this heath like bush many would not be seen on the trail.

The Heritage trail pretty well follows the Steere River and it criss-crosses across the trail in a few places where remnants of railway bridges can be seen. Seeing the size of the bridge timbers is a stark reminder of the many challenges pioneers in area had when constructing the line.

The last train to use the line is now called Lechenault Lady and resides in Margaret River where it graces the entry to the town.

This section of the trail takes you along small gorges; through a stands of Sheoaks and eucalypts, wetland areas and woodland so a variety of plant species associated with these areas were in full bloom and provided us with a good sense of natural change along the trail. There were many a rare plant found along the trail and nothing excites more than finding that first terrestrial orchid.

Morning tea was provided and everyone enjoyed the homemade treats, tea, and coffee.  Pat Meadows who was one of the many original people who set this fantastic trail up and has been instrumental in maintaining the trail since its inauguration joined us. The first section was opened in 2001 the 100th anniversary of the 2 towns.

This Wildflower Walk was made possible by the support of the Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council, R.A.I.N via South Coast NRM. If you would like to know more about the Heritage Trail or other guided walks contact Ainsley Foulds on 0427 383 078. 

Heritage Trail and Conservation Walk with RDHS Students

Friday 12th September saw grades 6 & 7 from Ravensthorpe District High School took part in a Conservation and Heritage walk along a small section of the Heritage Railway Trail in Kundip.
They were led by Ainsley Foulds (RRAC), Jessica Wright (RAIN) Sue Leighton (Garden Gossip) Teacher: Miss Nagu

The walk has been organized and supported by the Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council, RAIN and the Heritage Trail committee.

Jessica from RAIN led the charge with a discussion on the Coastal Corridor and how we as walkers are responsible in keeping the area die back free. All participants cleaned their shoes prior to starting the trek.

After a discussion about the Coastal Corridor and how important it is to preserve it for future generations of flora and fauna we set off to walk the 4kms along the railway trail in a loop back to the Kundip Town site.

Along the way students got a real feel of how hard the pioneers had to work and the difficulties they may have faced during the construction stage of the railway from Ravensthorpe to Hopetoun in 1800s
With Sue Leighton leading the trek through the waters of the Steere River and along the way found where the Halfway Pub was located they crossed railway bridge ruins and mastered the art identifying some of the plants on the trail, checking out animal droppings and basically listening to the bush.

On arrival back to the historic Kundip Town site the students set off with maps of the old own and went exploring, discovering where buildings and houses once were, finding relics of a past era. As conservationist we all picked rubbish keeping in mind the rubbish left by past inhabitants is considered historic in value.

Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council is now overseeing the restoration upgrade and continued maintenance of the Heritage Railway Trail. If you wish to be part of the maintaining of the trail contact Ainsley Foulds on 0427 383 078

This trek was made possible through the support of RAIN, South Coast Natural Resource Management and Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Art on the Catwalk

For the enjoyment of those attending the Ravensthorpe Wildflower Show Gala Dinner on Saturday 19th September, the Ravensthorpe District Art Group presented their Wearable Art Exhibition.  This included a static display and a fun catwalk presentation. Entries were based on the theme of Our Natural Environment and judged on relation to the theme, Aesthetic Beauty, Workmanship, Design and Originality .

Compered by the delightful Sabrina Hahn, decked out in a vivid cape created by the RDHS Art Students specifically for her to wear at this occasion, the entries showcased the creative talents in the community.

Milena, Chloe & Taylah Wisewould were inspired by their family farming background and their outfits were made from "wool packs". With branding representing the description of the wool and the girls accessorising their outfits with ear tag jewellery.

Lilly Button was a vision in her pink Hibiscus creation and Rachel Daw was inspired by the iconic Qualup Belle.

A number of entries were the result of the felting workshop held earlier in the year and included Brenda Caelli’s elegant Fringed Lilly Collar in a vibrant blue and Jen Biddulph’s Flutterby.

We were awed by the beautiful Owl Dress by Melissa Daw and the Queen of the Blue Mallee, a very avant -garde creation by Tracie Chambers. Wildflowers, paperbark, mallee and salmon gum themes shone through in the designs with recycled, natural and found materials used in the creations. Judy Harp’s beautiful waistcoat “After the Rain” featured  front panels made to represent the trunk of the tree outside Jude’s Kingsmill Street house when shedding its bark and wet from the rain.

Madeliene Norman used wool alpaca and sisal to create Paperbark vest; Jessica Wright used stamps to created black and white botanical prints and Wildflower Show Coordinator Jeanette Denham glimmered in mallee leaves.

A flickering fish bowl crowned The Great Escape, an eye catching, fiery, entry by Jodi Edwards..  Also noted for its “attitude” was Summer in Hopetoun, the static entry by Pat Meadows and Mary Robinson. This mannequin certainly caught the eye, a woodland nymph on the loose in the Ravensthorpe Town Hall. Mystique Monique also travelled up from Hopetoun for the event as did Life’s a Beach.  These beautiful entries helped create the atmosphere for the evening and their natural theme complemented the Gondwana Link series of photography which was locally presented by the Ravensthorpe CRC.

All the entries were highly commended by our judges with the overall winner being Red Flowering Gum by Judy Harp.  “A Beautiful garment meeting the overall criteria of the exhibition and capturing  the artist’s feel for the local environment”. Various types of yarn were sewn between washaway to represent the colours of the bush. It was decorated with leaves and flowers of the red flowering gum tree.  Sabrina Hahn is now the proud owner of this lovely shawl.
A big thank you to all the participants of this exhibition and congratulations to the Ravensthorpe Wildflower Show for this excellent event.

The Ravensthorpe District Art Group would also like to acknowledge the support from the Ravensthorpe Regional arts Council for this event with the sponsoring of the Felting Workshop and the use of the mannequins.  We are currently planning a further felting workshop for 2016 and a textile workshop.  Please contact Jenny Chambers for more information . Ph. 0429 381018.

Sabrina Hahn rocking the frock made by RDHS students.

Madeleine Norman and Jen Chambers wearing their amazing creations!



Jerome Davenport Mural Project

The Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council's latest collaboration project will be starting next week at the Hopetoun Primary School!! Such an amazing opportunity to have a visiting artist to the school. Watch this space for updates on the project.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Art of Maths

During the Wildflower Show this year the Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council (RRAC) hosted husband and wife team Christina Harrison and Karl Richards’ “Art of Maths” exhibition in the Ravensthorpe Town Hall from Monday 14th September to Thursday 17th.

The exhibition was a collection of artwork inspired by the pair’s extensive travel, particularly through South America and the ways in which different cultures and communities incorporated maths concepts into their lives. It culminated into a colourful and intriguing display of drawings, paintings and lino cuts.

Students from Ravensthorpe, Hopetoun and Jerdacuttup attended workshops with the artist (Christina) and mathematician (Karl) throughout the exhibition and explored mathematical patterns in nature and ways of using art to express and record personal experiences. Hopetoun and Jerdacuttup schools were provided with free buses from the RRAC’s Lotterywest Regional Audience Travel Fund.

RRAC would like to thank the schools and the staff who made it possible for the students to have this unique experience, as well as the volunteers who gave their time to set up and pack away the exhibition.

Artist Christina Harrison with students in the hands on part of the workshop.

Latin Squares, Music and Visual Inquiry...its all Maths guys!

Christina and Karl (Doctor and Mathematician) speak about how maths concepts are incorporated into nature.

Whilst the talk was somewhat interesting to most; this was by far the favourite part for everyone:)

Monday, September 21, 2015

Another Awesome Art Exhibition!

This year the annual art exhibition run by the Ravensthorpe District Art Group in the tiny little Dunnart Gallery was once again full of quality local art. We had 33 entries by 14 artists. The exhibition ran throughout the Wildflower Show as usual and received almost 500 visitors during that time. It was especially nice to have two school groups come through and view the works.

The awards night was held on Friday 11th September and, although attendance was down this year it was still a great night. Guest Judge, Sue Leighton had been up earlier in the week to judge the entries; no mean feat since everything was of a very high standard. Sue, who was not able to see the artists’ names during the judging, spent a couple of hours deliberating which works deserved to be awarded. Shire CEO Ian Fitzgerald however, did not take long to find a favourite for the annual Shire Acquisition Award!

Congratulations to Siska Gutteridge for winning the Shire Acquisition Award with her oil painting “Cocanarup”. The new B4TV category sponsored by Kerry and Ian Dickinsen was won by Mel Daw with her acrylic painting “Please Don’t Put ‘im in the Pot Nan!” and the Young Achiever Award was won by Cassidy Chambers with her acrylic painting “Raider and Traveller”.

Other winners were Colin Hughes for 3D sculpture with “A Light Snack”, Lynnell Belli for Mixed Media with “Faith”; Nola Peterson for Painting with the gorgeous “Blossom Surprise”, Elfie Venter won Textiles with her “Flowers” embroidery and Sarah McKie won the drawing category with her pastel “Keeping Watch”. This year we only had 3 children’s entries so they were all awarded a prize for their efforts; Judge Sue was very impressed by the upcoming talents! Congratulations to Seth Francis, Harmony Daw and Amberley Daw (your Art teacher is also very impressed by the way).

On the completion of the exhibition last weekend we can announce with pleasure that Iris Munro is the lucky winner of this year’s beautiful quilt raffle, once again donated by our very own talented Mrs Judy Harp. The winner of the popular vote was, for the very first time a children’s entrant and by quite a few votes was Harmony Daw for her 3D “Dragon”. Other most popular artworks were Siska’s “Cocanarup” and Cassidy’s “Raider and Traveller”.

The Ravensthorpe District Art Group would like to thank everyone who supported the exhibition this year and particularly those who volunteered to open the gallery when we could not; due to a number of reasons we were down to a skeleton crew of 3, so we very much needed and appreciate your help!

Save the date of Friday night 23rd October to come along to the Dunnart Gallery to “Meet the Mannequins” of the Wearable Art Project and have your say about 2016 at the gallery. We hope to see you there; meanwhile stay tuned for more details and if you have a query about Art Group, please call Mel on 0427 381 530.
"Cocanarup" by Siska Gutteridge
"Dragon" by Harmony Daw
Harmony and Amberley open their prizes
Iris is wrapped in her new quilt!
Art Group Secretary Jen Chambers presents Mel Daw, long term member, with a gift as she is leaving the district at the end of the year.
Kerry Dickinsen congratulates Mel daw for winning the B4TV category
Guests at the opening; Anne Williams and Helen Burton.
Siska receives her Shire Award from CEO Ian Fitzgerald

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Healthy living art award now open

Media Statement                     

The Ravensthorpe Health Service is holding an art competition in the lead up to its Open Day on 16 September 2015.

All school children from the Ravensthorpe and Hopetoun area are encouraged to enter the competition using the theme ‘Healthy Living’ as inspiration. 

Local Operations Manager Ruth York said artworks showing how local community members can lead healthy lives were welcome.

“Students are asked to create their artwork on A4 paper by Friday 11 September 2015 and leave at their school for collection. Home schooled students can drop off their artworks at the hospital reception area,” Ms York said. 

“There will be a minimum of two prizes for winners from each school.

“Ask your family and friends to come along to the Open Day from 10am to 2pm and vote for your artwork. 

“The People’s Choice Award will be voted by visitors to the health service Open Day on 16 September 2015 so it is an excellent opportunity to also have a look at how the health service operates.”

The Shire of Ravensthorpe Award will be selected by a shire representative during the Open Day.

“We encourage all young people from the area to get out their pencils and paint and start creating their healthy masterpieces.”

For more information contact Arnie de Haas on 9838 2211 or email Arnie.deHaas@health.wa.gov.au

Media Contact:

Arnie de Haas on 9838 2211 or email Arnie.deHaas@health.wa.gov.au

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


A small number of Hopetoun residents travelled to Esperance by bus recently to attend Opera Australia’s performance of Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute’.  The bus was made available free through the generosity of the Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council. Jan and John Fields volunteered as drivers. Passengers were vocal in their appreciation of this generous joint effort which enabled them to enjoy a high quality performance not always available to small regional towns.

On national tour, the company adapted the Magic Flute to an Egyptian temple setting. The set design and costuming gave an authenticity to this choice and enhanced the performance. Of particular note was Regina Daniel’s role as Queen of the Night. Her breathtaking ability to maintain purity of sound while reaching the highest notes in opera was enthusiastically applauded by all. Nicholas Jones’ engaging characterisation of the comedy role of Tamino caused ripples of laughter, especially when he engaged with the ladies group played by Anna Yun Emma Casteller and Hannah Dahlenburg.

As is the practice of Opera Australia, a local group of singers, including schoolchildren, were given the opportunity to be a part of the performance. One of the schoolgirls was ex-Hopetoun student, Abbey Berryman. The orchestra was professionally conducted by Paul Fitzsimon. The orchestra pit was clearly visible to the audience and so, on various occasions, eyes were drawn to the skills of the different musicians.

 Adding to the enjoyment of the outing was the sharing of a delicious pre-ordered Banquet at the Golden Oriental As a result, the group arrived at the Civic Centre in great spirit to be met by Ross Becket, the Civic Centre Manager, who had alerted our group to this wonderful opportunity and given us the special discount ticket price. Hopefully there will be future opportunities for similar theatre outings. 

Fay O’Brien   
The Magic Fluters



Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Lost WW1 Diary and Welsh Whales in Jerdacuttup

Despite half the Shire involved in sporting Grand Finals, Saturday 29th August saw the Jerdacuttup hall filled to almost capacity with tables of eager audience there to see the talented Damian Callinan perform the Lost WW1 Diary, a one man show created and performed by Callinan, and directed by Tim Overton.  They were not disappointed!

The Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council (RRAC) presented this touring Country Arts WA and Act-Belong-Commit show in collaboration with the Jerdacuttup Community Association; responsible for setting up and catering for the night.

The hall was decked out superbly in camouflaged themed table cloths, camouflage nets, saddles, oils slicks and even a beautiful old rocking horse (although not so tiny and no emu feather in sight; it fitted the theme of the night beautifully!) The JCA also provided delicious gourmet platters to be enjoyed as well as running the bar prior to the show and a spread of deadly cake and slices for supper.

Damian took everyone on a journey of hilarity and tears as he acted out the diary of digger “Paddy Callinan” through his adventures, and misadventures of the First WW. We met delightful larrikins and laughed at their antics and broke our hearts at their losses. Playful banter with the audience peppered the story -who knew that our own “Ken Nomiddlename Norman” himself was part of the seventh? We won’t say why he was sent home in disgrace…Or that we had a fine pair of twin Welsh whales residing in Jerdacuttup? Callinan switched from character to character in the blink of an eye and portrayed each hilarious scene with limited props and amazing realism. He also demonstrated a fantastic memory and a bit of prior homework by injecting some local history and activity into the storyline.

Thank you to the volunteers of both the Ravensthorpe Regionals Arts Council and Jerdacuttup Community Association for working hard to make this a night to remember, to bus drivers Kerry and Ian Dickinsen for filling in last minute and our usual driver Robert Bawden for taking everyone out to the hall and getting them home safely. The RRAC would not be able to provide free buses for events without the funding from Lotterywest WA. As our last show of the year, RRAC would also like to thank the ongoing support of the Shire of Ravensthorpe, Country Arts WA and the Department of Culture and the Arts; without whom we would not be able to provide our community with such a diverse annual artistic program.

Platters by JCA were delicious!

...busy in the kitchen...

...no emu feathers here; and it's not so tiny either

Ross Beckett, Chairperson of the Country Arts WA Board of Directors, brought his family along...all the way from Esperance!

Tour Manager, Therese Mavros, introduces the show.


After the show, Damian mingles with the audience as we all enjoy some supper.