Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Arts and Edges Summit, October 16-19

Recently the Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council sent 8 delegates to the Regional Arts Australia, Arts & Edges Summit in Kalgoorlie.  The group made their way by car, towing Homespun panels and a giant shoe, and arrived late on the night of Wednesday 15th October with the intention of setting up the Homespun display the next morning.  However, with a last minute change of plans the display could not be put together until Friday…which left a fine morning of sight-seeing and gallery visits before the Summit registrations opened at lunch time.  From then on the weekend quickly disappeared into a Summit spectacular of local performances, panel discussions, workshops, key note speakers, more gallery visits and frantic networking with other regional arts groups…not to mention spreading the Homespun cheer from the tent finely located at the entrance to the Goldfields Art Centre.
Homespun was extremely well received by all the other delegates and locals alike, and the RRAC ran out of flowers by the last day; despite best efforts to whip up more.  The tent also proved a blessing in the wild weather that came through on Saturday afternoon for those seeking shelter from the hail!
All the delegates enjoyed themselves and have come away with some fantastic ideas to chase up and contacts to confer with regarding striving for excellence in community arts and development; not to mention some new dance moves to add to the repertoire.  Stay tuned for the release of KBVID, and look for all the RRAC shirts in the crowd!
The next RAA Conference will be held in Dubbo in October 2016.  Follow #wheresreggirrhino or @artalndsDubbo to keep up with the news (four little Reggies came home to Ravey/Hopetoun so keep an eye out for them).
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Enjoy these snapshots of our hectic four days!

Homespun Panels Free to Good Home!

After returning recently from the Regional Arts Australia “Arts and Edges” Summit in Kalgoorlie, the Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council has finally concluded the spectacular Homespun project.

The RRAC have decided to gift the marvellous panels constructed as part of the Homespun project to local community groups and organisations to continue to display for the community.

Interested groups must inform RRAC Coordinator, Mel Daw on 0427 381 530 or email rraccoordinator@westnet.com.au before this Friday 24th October of their preferences for a panel and the RRAC committee will endeavour to distribute the panels, in order of preference,  to those groups.

Groups that do take on a panel do so on the understanding that all care and maintenance now lies with them and that the panels must not be sold off if the group is disbanded in the future.  In this instance it would be required that the panel be given to another community group or organisation.

An album of the panels is also available on the RRAC facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Raveaboutarts