Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pink Thread Portraits Project Gets Underway

The Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council will be holding workshops across the towns of Ravensthorpe, Hopetoun and Jerdacuttup to facilitate the creation of 100 individual portraits to symbolise how we are all affected by and connected by, cancer.  The 100 portraits will be displayed at the Ravensthorpe Town Hall on May 24 2014 for the performance of “Calendar Girls”.

We are using the term “portrait” very loosely, only in that your art work is made with somebody special in mind, perhaps yourself, who has battled with cancer of some form.  Your art work may be a story about survival, loss or the impact of the experience on you.

The first was held on Wednesday 2nd April at the Fitzgerald Hall and attended by 8 participants, a nice small and friendly group for me to begin with…especially good since I wasn’t very well on the day!  Thank you ladies for attending and having a go!  Huge thanks also to Jen Biddulph for organising this workshop and baking the delicious morning tea!

The next workshop will be held at the Dunnart Studio Gallery in Ravensthorpe from 9am on Tuesday 29th April.  Everyone is welcome to attend; it would be nice to see some men too!  (We will also be holding an evening one in Ravensthorpe for those who work.)  To receive up to date information on upcoming workshops and other events, like our FB page or subscribe to  our blog to get updates in your emails

Not artistic?  It doesn’t matter.  The ways in which a portrait can reflect its subject is limited only by your imagination!   You can paint, collage photos and other papers, scrapbook, write, knit…whatever you feel best represents the portrait you want to create, be it a self-portrait or not.  Workshop participants will be shown examples of portraits created in various ways and provided with the tools and equipment to get started.

The only catch is that each portrait must have a pink thread running through it from left to right.  The thread itself may be painted, glued or stitched...but it must run from one side of the canvas to the other so that when the works are collectively exhibited, we can link up the threads to symbolise the connections within our communities.

If you would like to complete a canvas, but can’t make a workshop, please contact Mel on 0427 381 530 to arrange to pick one up.

I hope you enjoy these photos from the first workshop at Fitzgerald.

Mmmmmm......look at all those brand new paints!

Tate and Danelle discuss ideas.

Hayley's paper didn't stay blank for long!

Rosemary sketches some ideas before starting on her canvas.

Brenda contemplates her composition.

Tate gets stuck into painting!

Val begins!

Hanneka came with a pile of buttons, sticks and'll have to wait until the exhibition to find out what she did with them!

Who doesn't love buttons?

Hayley gets going.

Danelle and Tate get very messy!

Everyone is hard at work.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


On Friday May 2, Harry Potter comes to the Ravensthorpe Town Hall by invitation from the Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council.

‘Harry Potter and the Total Ripoff’ is a musical based on the Harry Potter phenomenon, featuring local school kids in ‘The Hogwart Choir’ with the visiting professional ‘Bare Naked Theatre Company’.

The evening show features Rayleen as the heroine who accompanies Harry on a quest to restore magic to the world. On the way she meets many of her heroes such as Sybil Trelawney; Albus Dumbledore; Severus Snape; and Hermione and Hagrid.

The performance promises to be a great deal of fun with wizardry, music and comedy for all ages, and heaps of villains to boo and heroes to cheer.

Local school kids (years 4-7) are invited to create a special ‘Magic Spell’ on a decorated A4 page. This will be collected at schools and displayed on the night, with prizes for the most colourful and diabolical in each year group.

Kids and adults are also invited to ‘Dress Up’ as their favourite Harry Potter character to be judged by the ‘Harry Potter and the Total Ripoff’ cast members, again with prizes awarded.

Doors will open at 6.30pm and Horrible Hotdogs, Dastardly Drinks and other Ghoulish Gobble-ups will be provided by Hopetoun Primary School Parents and Citizens Committee.

Tickets and bus bookings (Hopetoun and Return) available NOW through your local Community Resource Centres. Contact Ainsley Foulds on 983833978 or 0427383078 for information about online bookings. Further information from Fay O’Brien 98383271 or Kay Wilson 98383874.

Proudly presented by
Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council Inc. 

Free Event for All!!!