Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Up coming events!

April 21st, 22nd, 23rd          

Event: Historian Lyn Dale  

This would appeal to scrapbookers, quilters, writers, and anyone with an interest in family history and storytelling!
Sun 21st April - 3.30pm Film screening and discussion of own military or war involvement ‘Lady Soldiers’, Red Room, Ravensthorpe Community Building.  Cost: $10. 

A viewing of the film, followed by an alfresco BRING-A-PLATE meal after which audience members are invited to share their own family service stories and show any family memorabilia

Mon 22nd April - 9-12.30 ‘Quilts that tell a story’ Hopetoun Sprts Pavilion, Friendship Quilt community arts project, followed by catered lunch. 1-2.30pm ‘Maggies Story’ film screening, scrapbooking and family history/memorabilia workshop.  Cost $5 per workshop and $10 lunch.

Tues 23rd April - 9.30-2.30pm ‘Maggies Story’ film screening, scrapbooking and family history/memorabilia workshop.   Cost $15 which includes lunch from Kristin’s Kitchen
Inquiries to Fay on 9838 3271

Presented by the Ravesnthorpe Regional Arts Council
Funded by Country Arts WA, Shire of Ravesnthorpe and the Department of Culture and the Arts in cooperation with the Ravensthorpe and Hopetoun Community Resource Centres.

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