Thursday, August 30, 2012

Making handmade books to tell our stories

Today was the second session where participants in Ravensthorpe met with Carina Hoang, visiting author in residence at the Ravy community resource centre.
Having already shared some of their personal stories on Monday, today's session was facilitated by volunteer artist Amber Perryman from the Dunnart Studio Gallery who showed them a simple technique to create a handmade 'snake' book from folding only one piece of paper. A handmade artists book is a unique way that participants can choose to communicate their story, through either text and image. Participants explored a variety of techniques from cutting and pasting to hand painting and lettering. . For those who couldn't make it today there will be another session at the Dunnart gallery ( date tbc) to assist people to create their books to exhibit in a community exhibition in November at the Dunnart Gallery.