Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Author in Residence Aug 25 to Sept 1

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Found Art travels

Check out the Ravy Found Art blog - there's some brilliant stories from people all around Australia who are discovering these fabulous wire sculptures and then taking them on their travels with them!

Farm visit with art group

To prepare for the Up coming 'year of the farmer' exhibition, the Ravensthorpe District Art group is hosting a day trip to a local farm on 28 July from 9.30am til 4pm - this will provide an opportunity for photography and sketching on site and will hopefully inspire you and give you lots of ideas for creating your artwork.

Family members are welcome to come along - cost $10 see flyers below and/ or collect one from the Dunnart Gallery, Ravensthorpe

Participants are then also invited to return to the farm on 29th July to continue working on ideas

RSVP to Lynell Belli on 98381128 by 26th July

Light painting in Ravy

A few of the Friday night regulars braved the extreme cold and came along for some light painting fun on the main street in Ravy on 29 Jun. Serena Shaddick from ABC Open travelled down from Esperance to show us the ropes and tell us all about new and very cool ways to use our digital cameras! You might think that setting fire to steel wool and twirling it wildly in the centre of town outside the pub and the police station might prompt a bit of an audience but no! Not one person came to ask what we were doing! Fortunately the only thing we burned was Bec's hair! Here's one of the images that Mel took on her digital camera