Sunday, April 15, 2018

Monkey & Me

A new development in the endeavor for dance sustainability, through mentorship of local artists, in and around the Shire of Ravensthorpe.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Fat Girls in Bike Shorts

What a Performance!

After an initial widespread cringe at the show title, the community surrounding Hopetoun and Ravensthorpe scurried to purchase tickets to RRAC's second comedy presentation for 2018! With all the glitter and glam that a girl could provide "Fat Girls in Bike Shorts" Rosie Sitorus and Kellee Aberg gave Hopetoun the spangled performance they were expecting!

Eager for comedy and company, approximately 30 Ravensthorpe patrons travelled down on the Lotterywest funded bus to partake in a community soiree come stage performance that was "Fat Girls in Bike Shorts". Hopetoun audience members were delighted to have more friends join the party of over 100 people, and all were impressed with the star of the soiree, a glittering pyramid-stack of chicken nuggets!

The show tackled important issues such as what to do when you are cheated of one chicken nugget when going through the “drive thru” and the solution to sweaty summer cavorts – bike shorts of course! But on a more serious note, the show resonated the real struggle women face on body image topics. Not many of us are perfect and the girls were there to reinforce the message that we are all beautiful, smart and sassy no matter the shape.

As an audience member, the show was relatable, it was obviously written from the heart and from real life experiences. You appreciated the honesty behind the ridiculous songs and gave credit to the boldness of the "Girls" on stage in very small sparkly costumes! There was no ego in the performance, they were real life characters making light of a sometimes-harsh world and inviting us to laugh not at them, but with them. 

The Hopetoun performace was the last for "Fat Girls in Bike Shorts" and they celebrated by bestowing us with an Honorary member! During the post-show soiree, the casual encore of music and singing went on, a real treat which set a great mood. Catering by the Hopetoun Primary School P&C was faultless, a classy spread of the most delicious delicacies.

Some say “Fat Girls in Bike Shorts” was the best RRAC show they have ever been to, but we will let you make up your own mind. Hopetoun needed a good laugh, thank you "Fat Girls in Bike Shorts", Euphorium production team and the Hopetoun and Ravensthorpe community.

Images by Dene Bingham Photography.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Get with the Programme!

Are you coming to Flickerfest Hopetoun?

This Saturday night the smell of popcorn and potato chips will fill the Hopetoun Community Centre. 

So get with the programme and join in the fun! 

Doors open at 6.30pm for ticket sales ($10 per adult) and the "Best of Australian Short Films" will screen at 7pm. 


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Gustav Hellberg, what have you been up to?

A Sweed in the hand is worth two in the Bush. 

The Spaced 3 : north by southeast project has been percolating for almost 3 years, and what a journey it has been. As I write this article, Gustav Hellberg is charming locals at the Hopetoun Community Centre with talk of his outback adventures, his triumphs and perhaps a series of unfortunate events (comprising of damaged drones and snake infested no-go bush zones). 

You see, Gustav is a new-media professor. He teaches Korean students in Seoul. During this second residency in Hopetoun, which has taken place across February 2018, Gustav has filmed across various landscapes all over the Ravensthorpe Shire. He has been busily capturing images that will all be cleverly edited together to form his artwork: a short film which will be exhibited at the Art Gallery of WA.

What we have already seen in this fabulous project is a talented and worldly Nordic artist sharing ideas and techniques in our regional remote community. We have seen children inspired by strange contraptions and flying video cameras and we have seen that with artistic determination much can be achieved. Local artists have been up-skilled, network connections have been made and the Ravensthorpe region has been prompted into the spotlight. 

Even without the steps due follow after Gustav's residency concludes this Friday, we, and those who have taken part in small (yet important) snippets of this project are left holding a valuable experience. 

Future Film Stars from Hopetoun WA
On location, Hopetoun WA

Gustav will exhibit his full scale artistic new-media project work at the Art Gallery of WA from 4 August to 16 December 2018. 
This story does not yet have an ending!

Recording in the makeshift sound studio.

Artists Talk with Gustav Hellberg

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Flickerfest Hopetoun 

Celebrating 27 years, Flickerfest is Australia’s leading Academy® Award accredited and BAFTA-recognised Short Film Festival, the country’s largest Australian & International short film competition, screening the best of shorts from Australia and around the world, hand-picked from 2,500 entries.

Flickerfest screens for 10 days under the summer stars at Bondi Beach in January 2018, with selected highlights touring Australia on a 50+ venue national tour from Jan - May 2018. Flickerfest remains a platform for celebrating the most entertaining and innovative short filmmaking from Australia and around the world.

Flickerfest returns to the Hopetoun Community Centre with the Best Of Australian Shorts, curated from the Flickerfest Australian & International programmes in competition at Bondi. This is a one-off chance to see these amazing short films before they continue their journey around the world; expect to experience the best in short filmmaking Australia & the world has on offer.

BYO everything for this kick-back adults movie festival. Bring snacks, wine glasses, and nibble platters of your liking. Tickets available at the door from 6.30pm, for a 7.00pm showing. 

Please note: Children under 15 years are allowed to come and snuggle, just like they do at home - but the films have adult content so there are no ticket sales for under 15’s and children must be accompanied by an adult.